Basics of the filling technology

Seminar A

This training seminar imparts the basics of the filling technology to the participants.

After this training seminar the participants are able to
  • Define the requirements to the filling process
  • Define the requirements of the fluid to be filled to the corresponding equipment
  • Understand the design and function of the main components of a filling station
  • Define the design of the equipment
  • Define activities to secure the process
  • Define the hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical interfaces
  • Understand the requirements concerning equipment control, visualisation and process analysis

Target group
This training seminar approaches to:
  • Planners of filling processes and equipment technology
  • Operators of filling stations
  • Maintenance staff
  • Quality assurance staff
  • R&D staff dealing with systems to be filled

Pre-Conditions: Basic technical knowledge

Length: 2 days

  • Different kinds of filling processes
  • Fluids and their characteristics
  • Process design
  • Filling equipment style
  • Ergonomics, safety facilities and legal basics
  • Activities to secure process and quality – fluid / equipment technology / product