Testing Technology - Diagnostics and Fault Clearance Brake Pedal Testing wireless

Seminar C

The training seminar "Testing Technology - Diagnostics and Fault Clearance Brake Pedal Testing wireless" approaches abilities and skills for the diagnostics and fault clearance at base station and test head of the wireless brake leak testing device based on the basics of the filling technology (training seminar "Basics of filling technology").

Subsequently the participants are able to:
  • Analyse failure screens from process and quality safety measures
  • Evaluate and optimise target values for the process
  • Carry out a base level of repairs at the test head of the brake leak testing

Target group
This training seminar approaches to:
  • Maintenance staff
  • Planners of filling and testing processes

Pre-Conditions: Participation on the training seminar Basics of filling technology" or long-term experience concerning filling processes.

Length: 2 days


  • Construction, function and maintenance of a wireless brake leak test device
  • Maintenance supporting tools
  • Harmonised process parameters for testing processes
  • Testing material for the monitoring of process parameters and/or process quality
  • Analysis and correlation of evaluated values
  • Typical failure screens, its analysis as well as activities to do
  • Analysis and optimisation of target values of the process
  • Base repairs of the test head