Training proposal of the Somac Filling Academy

Well skilled means saved money and improved quality: The Somac Filling Academy offers you a variety of training seminars and workshops all concerning filling technology.

Dürr Somac provides a broad training program for your employees responsible for filling purposes and working with filling equipment. We would like to supply these employees with the necessary know-how for their work. Our training proposal includes different fields of work: The Basics of Filling Technology, Maintenance of Filling Equipment and Diagnostics of Errors in Process or Product.

Practical Training: In our training seminars we are going to update the knowledge of your employees regarding the filling technology – new employees, experienced planner, operating and maintenance staff, quality manager and developer. The participants of our training seminars receive many proposals for the implementation of tasks concerning filling stations beside the theoretical base knowledge.

From expert to expert: Our lecturers are experienced filling professionals. They have collected a lot of practical experience about filling stations and would appreciate to transfer their knowledge to you.

Knowledge as reference: Your employees receive detailed training documents for each training seminar. So they can look up in the training documents at any time. The participation in the training seminars will be confirmed by a certificate.

Training seminars of the Somac Filling Academy count as continuing education that is profitable. The investment in your employees pays off. You are going to save cash because of optimised, improved and secure filling processes as well as fast diagnostic and elimination of errors.